Having fun in Hawaii

There are many fun things to do in Hawaii. Whether you are on the big Island of Hawaii or the small island of Oahu, there are many fun activities and events to partake in, some of which include tennis, surfing, whale watching, stargazing and scuba diving Oahu to name just a few. Here’s a brief look at some of these fun activities.

The best spot to stargaze is Mauna Kea Summit on the Big Island of Hawaii. There are stargazing adventures you can join that offer guided tours and a special look at the stars by your guide. Mauna Kea is one of the darkest spots at night. The towns below use special low dim lights that do not interfere with the big telescopes on the summit. It is truly one of the most outstanding places I have ever visited. The sunset was amazing.


Whale watching in Hawaii is also a fun event. The whales come to mate by the islands of Maui and Hawaii twice a year. They are commonly seen December through March or April. You can see them from shore, but you can get much closer to the action when viewing them by boat. There are many tours offered.

Surfing is a hugely popular sport in all the islands of Hawaii. The best surfing is on Oahu. Stop by any popular beach, and they will offer you surfing lessons. If you don’t want to surf, it’s fun to watch the surfers out in the water! Board rentals are available at most beaches. Watch the surf report in the papers or on the radio. The surf in Hawaii is not to be toyed with. It can be very dangerous.

There are many wonderful tennis courts throughout the islands. Resorts are fun places to stay to get your game of tennis in.volcano

When you go to Hawaii, you must visit the volcanoes. Volcano National Park, on the island of Hawaii, is world renown. Visit the Volcano House first to get your bearings and something to eat, and then hike to the craters and see the view of a lifetime! If you drive far enough down the road, you can see the lava flow into the ocean. Maui, also has a volcano. It is a dormant volcano. It’s a beautiful drive up to see it.

In conclusion, you will not find yourself bored or looking for things to do. Take these ideas into consideration the next time you visit Hawaii.